Frequently Asked Questions


You can post a job on JobsKart in two simple steps:
  • Go to the login section and sign up with JobsKart.
  • After setting up your password, you can post the job.
If the job complies with JobsKart's policies, it will be approved shortly.
You will need to provide the following documents for verification:
  • GST06 certificate
  • Shop ACT certificate
  • Company Incorporation certificate
No, sharing the name of the company is mandatory.
The validity of your job post is 30 days.
Job posts go under review to ensure they have a proper job description and meet the genuineness. Additionally, they must contain accurate and relevant content.
Job posts can be rejected for containing abusive or vulgar keywords, incorrect addresses, or being fake job postings.
No, there is no limit on responses
It depends on your distance selection at the time of job posting.
Ensure to use the proper category, skills, and experience requirements in your job post to attract the right candidates.
Specify your exact requirements and set a competitive salary range in your job post.
Provide correct address, share complete information about your company and products, and provide a salary package that matches the market standard.
You can check responses on the dashboard, and by clicking on a response, you can access their personal details.
You can download Candidate Resumes from responses by clicking on "Download CV."
You can contact them through WhatsApp or by Calling the number provided in their response.
No, there is no assurance of Job responses
You can go to the dashboard and check responses in the "Job Posted" section for each job.
Yes, you can log out from your account.
Visit our online channels for a better understanding, or you can schedule a demo with us.
Yes, you can perform bulk hiring through JobsKart.
No, you cannot change your login number.
Yes, you can close the job post, but you cannot delete it.
Yes, you can Close your posted job.
No, you cannot change the Company name after the signup process.
JobsKart is a digital job platform designed for easy and efficient hiring.
To hire from JobsKart, simply post a job on the platform, and candidates will directly reach out to you.
JobsKart is available in Kota, Jaipur, Alwar, and Ajmer.
JobsKart is suitable for front-level and mid-level hiring.
You can post First 3 jobs for Free here.
JobsKart can be accessed by signing in through a Mobile Web App.

Job Seekers

JobsKart is a free mobile app connecting job seekers with employers.
JobsKart offers a wide range of job categories, including full-time, part-time and remote jobs
Yes, it's entirely free.
Create an account on the app by entering your details and mobile number.
Yes, you can upload your resume to your profile.
Click on a job listing and follow the provided application instructions.
Yes, you can save jobs for later viewing.
Employers can view your resume, and the information you provide in your profile. Sensitive data like contact information is only shared when you apply for a job.
Yes, JobsKart follows industry standards for data security.
Contact customer support through the app for assistance.
Complete your profile and apply for Jobs actively.